Auto Painting

The best car repairs require the best finishing touch. A high quality paint finish doesn’t just happen, it requires the most experienced tradesmen, modern technology and attention to detail. At Car Café we offer our customers a highly controlled spray booth along with the latest Paint Estimating System which is required when working with the best insurance companies for accident insurance claims.

Do you have a scratch or dent that needs a touch up, or do you need a complete car re-spray? Doesn’t matter because we undertake light cosmetic touch ups or full color changes to the whole vehicle.

A car doesn’t just take us from one place to another, it also defines us. The color and the exterior look contribute to this. At Car Cafe, we help you define, change or fix the exterior through following services;

  • Full and part repairs: Car Cafe is the best place to take your vehicle if you need a full or part re-spray to get your vehicle up to near showroom condition.

  • Accident repairs: Had an Accident? Let us deal with your insurance company while we repair your vehicle with our expertise at Car Cafe’s full equipped workshop.

  • Scratch & Dent repairs: With our experts we help you to restore your paint jobs to the original look with high quality.

  • Urgent repairs (one-day service for minor damages)

Auto Tinkering: The Car Cafe work shop is fully equipped with all the latest machines and tools to do any vehicle tinkering work by our experienced team.

Plastic welding: Through plastic welding we can repair most bumpers cost effectively even with small pieces missing.


Interior Detailing

Car interior elements help us enjoy and make our time spent in the car comfortable. During your daily routine you spend a significant portion of your day behind the wheel of your car. When your schedule gets busy, the interior of your car can quickly get messy and out of hand. Car Cafe offers complete interior detailing service for all types of vehicles. Our experienced and professional staff is trained in both exceptional customer service and car cleaning techniques to prove that your experience with us is the best you can receive.


Exterior Detailing

Car detailing is important for your automobile, both inside and out. It not only makes your car look nicer and newer, it also helps preserve the value of your vehicle and affords a more comfortable ride. Our exterior detail package consists of,

  • Mileage service
  • Body wash
  • Cut and polish

Corporate Vehicle Repairing

We at Car Café have the capacity and capability to do repairs and maintain any kind of vehicle damages of corporate vehicles and vehicle fleets, at once and faster than other repair centers with minimum interference to our corporate customers.


Rent a Car

Accidents are never fun, but when you are in an accident just call us and we are there for your help. We can provide a rental car with special discounts from Asia fleet Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, our subsidiary company while we repair your vehicle. Visit now


Spare parts

We at Car Cafe have the capacity and ability to provide all kinds of spare parts for any vehicle. We guarantee to supply our customers new or used spare parts in the best condition in no time.